Consultancy & Project Management

Thinking about repowering? Think ReBlade.

Repowering Consultancy

We understand that repowering means developers increasingly need to demonstrate how they’re going the extra mile for local communities, for the environment and for local economies. So we have a range of consultancy services that can assist with that process.

Persuasive Engagement

We have a specialised skillset within the industry and that can be useful for clients who are embarking on repowering consent processes. We believe repowering offers excellent opportunities for communities to realise further benefits. From on-the-ground community and stakeholder engagement that persuades as well as informs, to manufacturing good news opportunities; we can provide flexible and responsive consultancy that delivers results.

We can facilitate meaningful community engagement, and have identified enormous potential for the repowering process to empower rural communities. We see particular opportunities in promoting the local economic and job creation opportunities arising from windfarm decommissioning.

Fiona and Steven Lindsay of ReBlade

Skills Development

wind turbine decommissioning

Demonstrating job creation and skills development benefits for local communities can be enormously beneficial to the site consenting process. For clients with whom we are working in a strategic consulting capacity, we can adapt our existing specialist training programmes to suit your needs. 

Localising Supply Chains

We can design-in opportunities to positively amplify local economic impact at the project specification stage. Understanding local economic development capacity and opportunity for each project is a core element of our consultancy and community engagement activities; leveraging economic potential to support consent.