Our Services

We are experts in blade and nacelle decommissioning, providing clients across the UK with a hassle-free turnkey service for renewable derived GRP waste removal.  We deliver a responsive, client-centred and cost effective service that sets high professional standards. 

ReBlade is also pioneering environmentally friendly disposal of renewable derived GRP waste through circular innovation. We do this by investing in green skills development within our own team, and by working with industry and academic partners on technical development.  

We are committed to maximising positive local impact from all our operations, and we can work with clients to design-in positive economic impact, skills development and job creation opportunities at the project specification stage. 

We got into this industry because we wanted to make a difference. That remains our driving purpose.

stored turbine blades

Blade & Nacelle Decommissioning

Specialist renewable derived GRP waste handling and disposal

wind turbine decommissioning

Circular Solutions

Sustainable approaches to maximise blade second-life potential

blade derived products

Blade Derived Products

Design and manufacture of blade derived furniture and infrastructure

turbine blade against blue sky

Consultancy & Project Management

Services to support repowering and consent, and to amplify impact